We're re-imagining learning in the workplace.

Current Team Development programs simply aren’t meeting the mark. Requiring days away from the business and large upfront investments, the results don’t seem worth the cost. That’s where we come in.
We are an Aussie start-up on a mission to provide employees, employers, and businesses accessible team development that works. Our concept is simple yet effective: Through learning in smaller chunks over time, your team grows collectively in their competence and connection, developing a culture of development that lasts long term. Thanks to modern technology, we can ensure quality, yet cost-effective training for everyone.


Enable companies worldwide to afford quality training for all employees (not just leaders) - uplifting the individual and team capability in soft skills and self-awareness. Because happy workplaces create happy communities


Empowering teams through equal access/opportunity to quality training. We believe in the power of the collective. Each team is only as strong as its weakest link. A joined uplift in competence will have an exponential effect over just one person receiving training.


Stay Curious

Staying curious will empower you to personal growth and mental well being.

Stay Kind

Staying curious and kind towards others will stop judgement & disrespect and instead builds understanding and support for each other.

Go For Gold

What we mean by that is the daily practice of betterment. Striving for improvement and mastery in what we do. At work and life. And remember - you are always stronger together.

A word from founder

Founder & Product Development

  • Bachelor of Business (HR & Marketing)
  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment TAE40110
  • Systemic Coaching Certificate
  • Train the Trainer
  • Loves meeting new people and learn from them
  • Mum first – Business Women second
  • Book recommendation: See Jane Lead, Lois P. Frankel, PhD
About Birthe
Birthe is a Transformational Learning Specialist, a connector and a natural leader. She builds bridges between people and groups in helping others find meaning by looking at the bigger picture of the world around them. This gives people a sense of comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty.
She is here to disrupt the corporate training world when it comes to building thriving team cultures. By learning with each other and from each other – over a longer period of time (supported by mobile learning) she promotes higher individual and team consciousness.
With 15+ years of experience working in three countries, across a variety of industries from Start-up to enterprises in Management, Talent, Sales & L&D she brings a basket full of real-life examples into her workshops

What our clients says

Teamtalks was fun, dynamic and very relevant to our business. This course was led by a motived
and enthusiastic teacher who engaged with us every step of the way to improve client service.

Great for team & business.
Ben ChampionDirector, Energy Conservation

Birthe developed and delivered a very interactive and exciting training program. I found the theory and practical applicability of the training very useful for me. The confidence of the team increased and enhanced the effectiveness.

Increased confidence and team effectiveness.
Maria SanchezBusiness Development Engineer

Our HQ is in Sydney with technical teams distributed in multiple locations globally. TeamTalks managed to create a new sense of community among our leaders. And it really helped me to raise the awareness of leadership across my team.

Excellent Facilitation.
Amendra PratapManaging Director, Octane Software Solutions

Prior to watching your clips, I hated anything to do with self assessment ?‍♀️. But after watching it, I was quite proud to say I am a “change” type of person. I’ve got in trouble a bit at work due to the fact that I can’t stick to rules. Now I realise that was because I am in the wrong job. Nothing wrong with me ??

A new way to learn about yourself.
Cathy NguyenSenior Analyst, Westpac.

Team Talks broke down silos. 4 pods became ONE. We talked to each other and across the
organisation. It was fun, engaging, and illuminating.

Fun & engaging.
TeamTalks customer

The best thing I liked about this course is the flexibility of learning. The content is very relevant
and has universal appeal.

A fun and flexible experience for the team.
TeamTalks customer