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Our Services include the following:
Monthly Bi-Monthly
/ up to 10 people/ up to 10 people
Additional participants: $220 p.P. (Monthly) and $410 p.P. (Bi-Monthly)
Live 45 min virtual kick of session
Access to mobile learning app
Exclusive contents released weekly
Engagement report & check-in email generated every week
1 x Peer Talk Conversations guide (peer led) every month
1 x Live virtual workshop of 1.5 hr by TeamTalks representative every month
Before and after Survey and Executive Impact Report
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/ up to 10 people/ up to 10 people
Additional participants: $220 p.P. (Monthly) and $410 p.P. (Bi-Monthly)
All of BRONZE plus
Customised Peer Conversation Guides
Customised Team Talks Facilitation
Per month - 1 x check-in call to each participant
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Pricing: On Request (for Monthly and Bi-Monthly)
All of SILVER plus
Individualised, new content and learning plan based on your needs
If requested, using your individual, existing training content and convert it into the TeamTalks Way
Include additional workshops and individual coaching as per request
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*Discount rates awaits for large groups (>10)

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What our customer say

Nice job!! ?

“Prior to watching your clips, I hated anything to do with self assessment ?‍♀️. But after watching it, I was quite proud to say I am a “change” type of person. I’ve got in trouble a bit at work due to the fact that I can’t stick to rules. Now I realise that was because I am in the wrong job. Nothing wrong with me ??”

Cathy Nguyen Senior Analyst at Westpac
Awesome work ?

“Birthe developed and delivered a very interactive and exciting training program. I found the theory and practical applicability of the training very useful for me. The confidence of the team increased and enhanced the effectiveness.”

Maria Sanchez Business Development Engineer
Excellent team!!! ?

“Our HQ is in Sydney with technical teams distributed in multiple locations globally. TeamTalks managed to create a new sense of community among our leaders. And it really helped me to raise the awareness of leadership across my team.”

Amendra Pratap Managing Director, Octane Software Solutions
Nice job!! ?

“Teamtalks was fun, dynamic and very relevant to our business. This course was led by a motived and enthusiastic teacher who engaged with us every step of the way to improve client service.”

Ben Champion Director, Energy Conservation
Awesome work ?

“TeamTalks broke down silos. 4 pods became ONE. We talked to each other and across the organisation. It was fun, engaging, and illuminating.”

TeamTalks customer
I Love Teamtalks

“The best thing I liked about this course is the flexibility of learning. The content is very relevant and has universal appeal..”

TeamTalks customer